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"A path to blissful journey on earth"

Kosha means "sheath",one of five coverings of the Mahaprana.In yoga psychology,there are five different sheaths of human body all of their own unique elemental form and structure.These layers are called the pancha kosha or five sheaths.They are:Annamaya kosha(the food body or physicalbody)Pranamayakosha(the pranic body)Manomaya kosha(thementalbody)Vijnanamaya Kosha (the astral body)and Anandamaya Kosha the bliss body).Each of these bodies combines to justify the complete range of a human being's existence.
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Annamaya Kosha - Physical

Annamaya Kosha is considered to be the food body;however it is also justifiably the physical body.The reason it has been termed the food body is because of its nature which is dependent upon food,air,and water for its survival,all elements of the grosser or more tangible forms of prana. The survival of the pranic body is determined by two main factors;the first is a constant intake of nutrients from the physical world.The second is a seamless supply of prana,without which annamaya kosha would not exist.The pranic supply to the body is believed to supersede the nutrient supply as there have been many instances in which yogis have survived solely on the supply of prana without any consumptionof food or water.

Pranamaya Kosha - Energy

Pranamaya kosha is the next major body or sheath within the human being,and is referred to as the vital sheath as it is composed completely of pranic energy.Annamaya kosha and pranamaya kosha form the basis for the human structure.They are relatively the same size as one another.These two koshas are often referred to as the vehicle for all other bodies, and are responsible for containing the soul or spirit.For a spiritual aspirant,mastery and understanding of annamaya kosha and pranamaya kosha are prerequisites to their growth and development.If these two layers are not controlled than it is near to impossible to achieve the higher states of consciousness in spirituality.Because of this, yoga has many practices designed to discipline,vitalize,and control these two bodies,including the asanas (yoga postures),pranayama (breathing techniques)and kriya(purification practice).From a psychological perspective,the physical body and pranic body must be in good balance,otherwise there will certainly be dis-unification and potential dysfunction within the other 3 bodies.

Manamaya Kosha - Mental

Manamaya kosha is the mental sheath,and is responsible for regulating all thoughts and actions within the human being.It also acts as a mediator between the more material koshas (pranamaya and annamaya)and the elementally subtle koshas(vijnanamaya and anadamaya).Manomaya kosha relays information to and from the various bodies,and is responsible for absorbing all of the input from the external world as well as receiving information from the intuitive world.With such information,it regulates and executes decisions and moderates the activities of prana and the physical body.Manomaya kosha has various levels of its own,including conscious,unconscious,and subconscious layers similar to Freudian theories.These will be discussed in greater lengths within other articles.Where as annamaya kosha and pranamaya kosha are time limited,or dependent upon the movement and passage of time and space,manomaya kosha is not.It has the ability to transfers through the past,present and future,and therefore possesses greater freedom over the other two koshas (relatively speaking within the limits of the human being's structure and existence).The mental sheath is the first of the sheaths mentioned thus far that can also transfer beyond the limits of the human form,and can reach beyond the boundaries its own physical being.On a rudimentary level,thoughts can be expressed in imageries that extend beyond the direct experience of the human being.On a more advanced level,manomaya kosha can transcend beyond the physical and into the more cosmic and universal dimensions,starting with its relationship to vijnanamaya kosha.

Vijnanamaya Kosha - Wisdom

Vijnanamaya kosha is the next substantial sheath within the human body,and is referred to as the astral sheath as it is composed of material that is woven into the fabric of the cosmos.There is perfect continuity between the individual's vijnanamaya kosha and the universal's,thereby allowing the individual to be directly connected to the elements of the universal.When consciousness or the spiritual aspirant is awakened the vijnanamaya kosha,they begin to experience life on a more subtle plain of experience.The qualities of wisdom usually unveil themselves at this level as life is experience on an intuitive level and one is able to perceive the underlying mechanisms of the manifested reality.

Anandamaya Kosha - Bliss

The final kosha said to be existent within the human system is anandamaya kosha,or the bliss sheath.It is considered to be the most subtle sheath as it is composed of a primordial essence that extends beyond the duality of the manifested and unmanifested reality.It is also considered to be the causal and transcendental body because once it is awakened the human being is able to enter the limitless bonds of the universal consciousness.

In yoga psychology,we usually take direct action to influence annamaya,pranamaya,and manomaya kosha as these three bodies contain the bulk of our samskaras (past impressions), individualistic perception or ego, and disorders and dysfunctions.They are the bodies that require purification as the other 2 bodies remain, for the most part, inactive or unconscious until the mind is awakened to their nature and reality.Before life can be experienced through the effects of vijnanamaya and anandamaya kosha, the physical,pranic,and mental body must all be balanced and operating in a unified manner.For this reason,yoga has invented a plethora of practices and techniques which help to create the conditions necessary for spiritual awakening.

Yet it is not just the spiritual aspirant who should pursue a well unified and healthy annamaya, pranamaya, and manomaya kosha;in fact, everyone can benefit from the wellbeing of all three of these bodies as their health will lead to greater strength,vitality,longevity,concentration,happiness,and stability.Although one can pursue higher states of awareness by maintain a healthy mind, body, and energetic system,it does not have to be the goal for everyone.It simply forms the conditions necessary to have a strong foundation for approaching more difficult and complex aspirations in life.It is also not necessary for one to be spiritual or believe in higher forms of creation in order to practice or receive guidance through yoga psychology.Rather,openness to the potential of human life must be generated,as well as a comprehension of the interdependence of the various bodies that exist within us.Yoga psychology pursues a state of harmonic continuity within the human system to help envelope a strong individual capable of facing life's situations with will,strength,and confidence.Yoga psychology is not a religious dogma nor does it require a secular devotion of any type;its practices are scientific and based upon relative logic and supported,in many instances,by western science.Therefore yoga psychology is both a practice for the laymen as well as the student of spirituality who wishes to live a health and fruitful life.

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